Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist is a kind of light and small size lifting equipment   fixed alone as winch, also mounted on single beam, overhead, gantry and jib cranes. Due to its unique structure, it is widely used in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards and stores. We will design reasonable and optimized products for you according to the location, loading materials and other special requirements.

Rated Capacity 1-32T
Lifting Height 6-30m
Rated Lifting Speed 2.4-8/0.4-0.8 m/min
Rated Traveling speed 20(30)m/min
Power Supply 380V 50HZ or Customized
Product Details
• Compact structure, light height, safety and reliability
• strong universal and interchangeable parts are convenient to service
• Environmental temperature: -25℃-+40℃; humidity≤85%, altitude:<1000m
• Working sites should not be close to explosive, corrosive materials or other dangerous materials
• It is forbidden to hoist molten metals, inflammable, explosive and poisonous materials
• 380V,50Hz, 3P or customize
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Electric Hoist

Main Component:

Roller   The roller is made of high-quality seamless pipes and transmits power through spline. Its case is made of welded steel plate. This is the core part of the hoist.

.Hook  The hook is forged and connected to the pulley assembly through thrust ball bearing, so the hook can rotate freely. Hooks no more than 5ton lifting capacity are of single-pulley style and above 10ton is double-pulley style.

Wire rope

Adopts high strength wire rope with tensile strength of 1770 Mpa, good safety performance and long service life.

Rope guide

Standard rope guide is made of Q235b steel.

Hoisting motor: Adopt conical rotor realizing relatively big starting torque, CD type motor is single speed and MD type motor is double speed.


The gear and axes are made of alloy steel or qualified carbon-steel. All reducers adopt 3-level bevel gear. Proper heat treatment is conducted to ensure their reliability and service life. Finally, the box-body and box-cover are made of cast-iron. Both are well shake-reducing and sealed tightly.

Electrical equipment

The electrical mechanism consists of electric control box, limiter, button switch, connecting wire etc.

According to the marked direction on the button switch, press the button correctly and control the hoist through the on-and-off of the relay in the control box. The operating voltage is usually 36V.

8. Safety protection

8.1. Hoisting height limiter: Double limits, free adjustment, multi-point control, wide range of adjustment , high limits accuracy

8.2. Overload protector: the electric wire rope hoist is using electronic overload protector, so that the total lifting weight will not exceed the rated lifting weight; if the pulling force of steel rope is more than 105% of the rated capacity, the overload protector device would automatic cut off lifting loop.

8.3 Emergency stop protection

8.4?Over-heat protection of hoisting motor

8.5. Over-current protection

8.6 Phase protection

8.7. Voltage lower protection

9. Control way

Pendent line control

1. 36V control voltage safety

2. Easy to control, without additional driver necessary

3. Double step button with emergency to achieve safety stop

4. Protection class IP54 IP55

5.Operation life not less than 500,000 times

Remote control

1. 24V control voltage safety for human being

2. Remote distance: not less than 100 meters

3. Easy to control, no additional driver necessary, to operate more freely on the ground

4.Tens of thousands of connection frequency points, non-interference with each other

5.Two steps push button or joystick station with emergency stop

6. Protection class IP54 IP55

7. Operation life: not less than 500,000 times


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